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Economic Values & Practices

7 Core Economic Values

Enough & Abundance

We believe that it is possible for the Earth to provide for all human beings and all living things, in abundance.  We believe that through consecrating our time and talent to the establishment of equality, peace, and sustainability.

In order for all living things to live in abundance, we have accept when enough is enough. We must restructure our concept of ownership and feel safe enough to share.  To get there, we have to provide/share enough and like any potluck, we will end up with leftovers.

Individual Worth

Every one of us has something of value to share with someone else.

Redefining Work 

There are some forms of work that are impossible to commoditize. These include:  building strong families, revitalizing neighborhoods, making democracy work, advancing social justice, etc

The word Ashram means "no work" in Hindi.  It is rooted in the idea that when we are doing something we love, something we are passionate about. It doesn't feel like work.  One goal of The Ashram is to help everyone find that one thing in which they can lose themselves.  We trust that by so doing we will create a delicious, beautiful, peaceful, woke community.

Roles & Reciprocity

"Helping" that works as a two-way street empowers everyone involved – the receiver as well as the giver.  The question: “How can I help you?” needs to change so we ask: "How can we edifty each other?" 

Everyone has a role to play.  Sometimes the most difficult step in fulfilling that role is identifying what that role is.  At the Ashram we provide everyone an opportunity to bring their gifts and talents in cooperation to build a better society.  We believe that if we work in our passion, we will soon find that we are "needed" there.  Which is why we ask "what can you bring to our community" and "what can our community bring to you"?

Paying It Forward

Paying it forward ensures that, together, we help each other build the world we all enjoy together.  A world where we are free to pursue happiness and share in mutual responsibility for our shared quality of life.

Collective Impact

Through helping each other we re-weave communities of support, strength & trust.  Our community will be built by sinking roots, building trust, and creating networks.

Respect & Dignity

Respect and dignity underly freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and everything we value. Respect supplies the heart and soul of democracy. We strive to respect where people are in the moment, not where we hope they will be at some future point.


We will restrain ourselves from shoulding on each other.

Economic Practice

Timebanking is a time-based currency. Give one hour of service to another, and receive one time credit. You can use the credits in turn to receive services — or you can donate them to others.


One Hour = One Credit

It helps to remember that the one=one rule is rooted deep in the idea that regardless of whether we value what we do in different ways, we share a fundamental equality as human beings.

A Complementary Currency

Timebanking focuses on our value as human beings. Giving and receiving connects us and strengthens relationships. It operates in this way as a complement to the money-dominated world we inhabit.

Designed to increase our individual and community well-being, Timebanking takes place through exchanges by members as they give and receive services to each other. 

Monthly Gatherings

Ashram member weekly/monthly meetings/pot-lucks are ways to build-up, connect, and strengthen community.

Gatherings work best if they are held regularly so that members can plan for them in their calendar. 


The pot-lucks are a KEY component of the Ashram, because it’s here that people get to meet and become familiar with other each other and find out who’s exchanging what.

Non-Members welcome

Monthly/weekly pot-lucks help build the relationships that power the Ashram. They are also useful for outreach. They are generally open and inviting to non-members who are interested in joining the Ashram.

The pot-luck is the place to celebrate and share and:

  • identify ways to help the external community

  • be reminded of our core values

  • announce events and offerings

  • share spiritual and healing experiences

  • build connection and community

  • have fun and play.

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