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The mission of Hygge Ashram de Salud (aka The Ashram) is to provide the environment, opportunity, and access to healing interventions and practices. We recognize the healing power of human connection and community and intentionally build a healing community for our members. Though we eschew dogma, we embrace spiritual practice and learning.


We will provide opportunities for sharing spiritual experience and encourage the expansion of friendship. We will provide mind-body-spirit practices, such as shinrin yoku, trauma-sensitive yoga, and other evidence-based interventions.


We intend to demonstrate the abundance of the Earth, and by so doing, encourage Her restoration. We have a small urban farm that we intend to grow into a flourishing, nourishing multi-acre healing center that includes a spa, stonefruit orchard, sustainable ashram garden, sheep for the production of cheese and wool, and a craftsman barn for carpentry, glassblowing, and animal husbandry, as well as a cidery and distillery. We work actively to love and nourish our planet. Our goal is to have every member of the ashram live a self-sustaining life via our community.

We envision an Earth where peace and love reign, an Earth in her full glory where all life has found homestasis. 

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