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Elizabeth L. Ellison

Liz is the Ashram's editor and athletic director. Currently, she coaches triathlons and tennis. Liz has taught college and high school English and writing for 8 years. She is an experienced tennis coach to people of all ages and abilities, though she has spent most of her time coaching high school and middle schoolers. Liz served as a mentor to at-risk teenagers as part of her faith in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Liz is now a refugee from the church and is excited to build the spiritual community she has longed for with the Ashram. She looks forward to mentoring the Ashram's children. A graduate of Georgetown's Masters in English program, Liz is currently raising two little cutie-pies and running an editing business. ​

Kimberly T. Konkel
Kimberly is the Ashram's founder, founder and co-lead of the TiCong. She is also one of the Ashram's Social Worker,  yogi, & Mental Health First Aid Trainer.


She also founded the Building Resilient Communities thru Trauma Informed Congregations Community of Practice (TiCong), to respond to the co-occurring epidemics of suicide, violence, untreated mental illness and addiction. The TiCong works to marry the intelligence of science with the wisdom of community by deploying evidenced-based and promising public health practices to reverse the trajectory of the co-occurring epidemics.


Kimberly was a Presidential Management Fellow at the National Insitute of Justice.  As the first non-political Public Health Advisor in the Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, Kimberly served as the co-chair of the Pandemic Flu Community and Faith-Based Preparedness Working Group and the Chair of the C/FBO Technical Working group in the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.  She has been in Federal service for 18 years and counting. She is proud to have been the first scientist "reassigned" from the Office of the Secretary during the Trump Administration and hopes to go back under different conditions.

She served a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Louisiana and Mississippi where she was affectionately known as Sister Konkel.  As a recovering Catholic/Mormon, Kimberly is especially honored to have been awarded the 2018 Muslim Mental Health Advocate of the Year by the Center for Muslim Health and Islamic Psychology.  

She is excited that the Ashram is finally started.  She hopes it becomes what she has always dreamed it could be: hygge.

Ramona Danielson
Ramona is the Ashram's program evaluator, Wikimedian, TiCong co-lead anthropologist & sociologist.  She also co-leads the TiCong's Wikigroup.

She is a lifelong learner, and recently earned her doctorate in human development with an emphasis on the life course. Her education also includes anthropology and sociology, and she has more than 18 years experience in applied research and evaluation.


Ramona is on a mission to share the science of trauma and resiliency throughout her sphere of influence. As a program evaluator and research specialist at the North Dakota State University’s Department of Public Health, she has used this science to inform her work on behalf of children, families, and communities.


She is passionate about health equity and social justice. Ramona and her husband are raising two beautiful boys in North Dakota.


Jason Burke

Jason is the Ashraom's herbalist and acupuncturist.  He enjoys treating chronic pain, neurological, and digestive disorders. He believes the key to clinical success lies in adhering to the core principles of Chinese medicine.


Jason received a Master’s degree in acupuncture and herbal medicine in 2002 from Emperor’s College in California, one of the oldest Chinese medicine schools in the west, with an all-star faculty.

Since then, he has spent thousands of additional hours learning from the best teachers around, including Sharon Weizenbaum, Jimmy Chang, Kiiko Matsumoto, and Suzanne Robidoux.

He enjoys  working in a home-based practice where the only considerations are the patient and the medicine.


Clark Ruttinger

Clark is the Ashram’s Financial Director. He has 20 years of work experience in the public/ non-profit sector. Clark is a subject matter expert in healthcare workforce policy and planning. He is skilled in building information systems that collect and analyze data and apply it to tracking progress toward established goals, improved decision making and program evaluation. Clark holds Masters Degrees in Public Administration and Business Administration from the University of Utah. He has been a grant reviewer for HRSA for nearly 10 years, a city planning commissioner for the city of Salt Lake for the last 7 years and has extensive work experience with social service programs for the homeless, Medicaid and therapy programs for children dealing with mental illness and autism.

Clark is the Director of Workforce Research for the Utah Medical Education Council

In this capacity he is also the Director of Utah’s Nursing Workforce Information Center.

He is active in leadership of a national nursing policy non-profit called the National Forum for State Nursing Workforce Centers, where he will be assuming the role of board president for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Clark’s professional team was also the recipient of an IBM HalthCorps grant for 2018 to take a model they had conceptualized for estimating Primary Care Workforce Needs in Utah driven by population health data and create a tool to support health policy stakeholders make coordinated decisions about allocating healthcare resources across the state of Utah.

Clark also spends way way too much time inside at a desk alone looking at a computer screen. He loves to work with his hands, build things and doing home renovation. He will always DIY over paying someone. He loves spending time doing yoga, hiking, meditation and rock climbing when he is not at his desk. 


Clark is also the survivor of a childhood full of trauma. He believes in the capacity of the protective wall of human community, as Carl Jung called it, to bring healing and happiness to those of us who struggle with the effects of trauma and addiction in all of its forms.   


Peter Hubbard

Peter is the Ashram's Animal Husband.  His expertise is in chickens, emu, bees, humans, and dogs. He is also the Ashram's bartender, green energy consultant, lead economist, and master of games.


He is originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. He has donated his body to science since 2009 though volunteering for clinical trials at the Vaccine Research Center (VRC) retrospect, enrolling in a clinical trials:

  • avian influenza 

  • chikungunya, and

  • malaria vaccine.

He is a runner, a writer, a brother, a fighter, a dreamer, and swimmer, a climber and a rafter, a bit of a drifter and singer.


Sanghoon Yoo

Sanghoon Yoo, is the Pastor of the Ashram, as social worker, and fisher of men.

He is also the founder of The Faithful City (TFC), has led ministries and social services at Arizona State University (ASU) and the Phoenix metropolitan area over two decades. He holds Master’s degrees in Social Work (MSW) and in theology (MDiv). He serves the national committee of Ethnic America Network (EAN) that was founded by Billy Graham Center. At ASU, he serves the advisory board of ASU Recovery Rising. He also served the Council of Religious Advisors (CORA) at ASU as president in multiple campuses. In addition, he serves the advisory counsel for Fuller Seminary Master’s of Family Therapy program in Phoenix.

Pastor Yoo launched “Arizona Trauma Informed Faith Community (AZTIFC),” collaborating with Arizona ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Consortium and many other organizations to mobilize a statewide movement for building resilient communities with trauma informed care.


He offers trainings on ACEs and the trauma informed community building. Recently his organization, TFC and Pure Heart Church hosted the first trauma informed faith community conference “The Resilient Church” with nationally recognized speakers from faith, government and mental health areas. As a part of Arizona ACE Consortium executive committee, he worked with Marcia Stanton from Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Families (GOYFF) for the statewide ACEs summit last December, declaring Arizona as trauma informed state.

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Peter Gloor

Peter A. Gloor is the Ashram's lead collaboration and research scientist, lead Wikimedian, and TiCong co-lead.  He spends his days analyzing temporal communication patterns of virtual teams to increase knowledge, worker innovation, and productivity by discovering and optimizing Collaborative Innovation Networks and Collaborative Knowledge Networks.  He assures the collaboration of the TiCong  is efficacious and helps guide us as we innovate and implement evidence-based community interventions that build community resilience.

Peter enjoys juggling his many different hats, studying Collaborative Innovation Networks (COIN) at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, developing the social networking and visualization software Condor with galaxyadvisors, and occasionally writing books, most recently “SwarmLeadership”“Sociometrics”“Coolfarming”Coolhunting” and “Swarm Creativity”.

In his spare time he likes to work on bridging the digital divide, hiking and skiing in the mountains, and playing the piano.

He blogs about Swarm Creativity at  You can contact him at


Danny Drysdale

Danny is the Ashram's documentarian and videographer. Recently added to the board of directors of the Megan Joy Foundation, Danny has 15+ years experience in the film industry; namely in new content for youth in music and subculture through documentary film.  A pioneer in his own right, he has fostered a production style that hi-lights the subject matter from the ground-up, depicting unique stories in all spheres of opportunity through the experiences of subjects within various cultures including China, Russia, Africa and Europe. His work in the NGO space includes branding and documentary content for Manny Perlman’s “Destination Peace”, “Goals of Love, Uganda” and “Devoted to Children, Haiti.”  In the creative space he is a music video director, a comic writer/creator and a screenwriter. 


twitter: @youngcherokee


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