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Monthly/Weekly Meetings


Once a week/month, members of the Ashram meeting in their community for a 90 minute meeting.  The Ashram encourages people to meet outside, in nature.  As people gather and share a pot-luck.

Sample Agenda for an Ashram Monthly/Weekly Community Meeting:

10:30am community building exercise as Ashram members share a meal.  

11:am  Quote of the week -- community member A

11:05  Unify exercises:

  • singing

  • 1 up/1 down

  • zip/zap/zop

11:10  Monthly/weekly (?) Resilience Building Conversation  -- topic chosen and discussion facilitated by member C

Discussion topic examples:


  • What does it mean to be a citizen?

  • What is the value of work?

  • What are the assets in our community?

  • Describe the world at peace?

  • If Earth were optimally healthy, what would it feel like to live on this planet?


11:40  Now what/So what? discussion -- The Ashram now shifts the discussion from concept to action.  The group identifies one thing they can do as a collective to apply what they discovered in the discussion.

11:50 Final thoughts

11:55  Song

12 -- adjourn


Ashram member pot-lucks are a way to enhance connection, community, and exchanges between members.

Gatherings work best if they are held regularly so that members can plan for them in their calendar. 


The pot-lucks are a KEY component of the Ashram, because it’s here that people get to meet and become familiar with other each other and find out who’s exchanging what.

Monthly/weekly pot-lucks build the relationships that power the Ashram. They are also useful for outreach, and so they are generally open and inviting to non-members who are interested in joining the Ashram.

The potluck is the place to celebrate and share and:

  • identify ways to help the external community,

  • be reminded of our core values,

  • announce events and offerings,

  • share spiritual and healing experiences,

  • build connection and community, and

  • have fun and play.

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